About Us

Our Vision

To help orphans, Destitute and needy children equip them with complete education till they start their career to live discipline lives. 

Care & love programs are structured to nurture them towards a “whole child”, which helps them to achieve his/her full potential.

Buy Land

Purchasing of Land for the Orphanage Home

Build Structure

Build a bigger facility that will house up to 200 children, especially taking care of the needs of both male female kids. Please take a vision of our dream home for the children

School Bus

Purchase a School Bus for a safe transportation.

Our Objectives

Objective 1

Increase opportunities for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) to access education and improve their physical, cognitive and psychosocial care and development.

Objective 2

Develop new initiatives, support and add value to existing efforts designed to strengthen the capacity of families and communities providing prevention, care and support services to children affected and or infected by HIV/AIDS.

Objective 3

Improve parent/ guardian and caregiver capacities to care for the HIV/AIDS affected and infected children through enhancing their knowledge, skills and practices that reduce household poverty, demystify HIV/AIDS and decrease the associated stigmatization, and strengthen social support at family and community level.