life at Divine Orphanage Home

Dive into what goes on at Divine. As they say, a picture says a lot than a thousand word a thousand words. Get a glimpse at what your support has be able to do.

Project & Activities

Take a look at the various project pictures(past and present).

Fun Time

Children having fun during one of the fun times at Divine Home. Such moments areĀ  important for full child development.

Fun Time

We enjoy having fun time together with the kids at the home.

dine moments

Loving others doesn’t have to be complicated. Painting a smile upon the faces of others doesn’t have to be complex. Sometimes all it takes is a decent meal.

lives are changing

Lives of children who once had no hope of descent mean, good education, safe environment to stay, sleep and play have now been changed. We have a reason to always smile.

Isn't this sweet?

two friends enjoying themselves at the play ground of the Orphanage Home.

Kids Play Area

With your generous support, the children at the Home now enjoy good and safe play because of the play area that was installed.

Our Dormitory Area

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Back to School

At Divine children’s home, children are given the opportunity to return to school. They are provided with financial support and scholastic materials to enable them gain access to quality education.

Borehole Project

we now have access to safe water for the home. This has also enable the surrounding community to gain access to safe drinking water.